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Plant trees to cover 1 year of home heating

Plant trees to cover 1 year of home heating

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Offset the emissions for heating a home for 1 year based on average emissions data.


This includes a personalised certificate of planting and your unique tree IDs.


In 2020 the average home emitted 5.5 tonnes of energy-related CO2. Of this total, 73% were from direct-fuel use, and 27% indirectly from electricity use.


This equates to 26 native Irish trees planted in our sites in Ireland.


Second highest source of CO2

The residential sector accounted for 24% of energy-related CO2 emissions in 2019 but increased to 29% in 2020. These include upstream electricity emissions. The 2020 increase in residential's emission share was mainly caused by a contraction in transport's share from 41% to 34%. In both 2019 and 2020, the residential sector was the second-largest source of CO2 emissions after transport and was ahead of industry.


Source: SEAI

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