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About Us

Capturing carbon to improve the planet for future generations. offers you the ability to calculate your carbon emissions and plant native Irish trees in Ireland to "catch my carbon" to offset your carbon footprint, while also helping to restore Ireland's native woodlands!


Designed for individuals, companies, organisations and government agencies who want to do more to prevent climate change impacts in the future.

Catch My Carbon was founded by two engineers with a strong interest in energy conservation. With six young children between them, they wanted to help improve the environment and the future for their families.


Want to discuss opportunities for your organisation to use for your environmental projects? Send us an email today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

Code of ethics

We are strongly committed to working with landowners based on these core principles of:

  • Tree planting of native Irish trees over the long term to maximise carbon capture and storage.

  • Focusing on deciduous native slower growing trees (instead of non-native conifers).

  • Mixed woodland using a combination of faster and slower growing Irish trees (i.e. birch, oak, beech, alder, hazel, holly).

  • Non-grid like planting, such as planting groves of forestry and hedgerows.

  • Trees for habitat creation and biodiversity for increased ‘natural capital’.

  • Non-use of herbicides or pesticides within afforested areas

  • Using locally sourced Irish trees.

  • Use of unique tree identification system.

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