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Motoring Emissions Carbon Offset

Motoring Emissions Carbon Offset

SKU: Motor001

Each 800 km of motoring equals approximately 140 kg CO2 so for a Quantity of 1 we will plant a tree to offset your motoring carbon emissions.


To offset your actual carbon emissions choose the number of trees based on your annual mileage:


Example 1: For 5,000 km total annual motoring choose 4 in Quantity and this will offset the carbon from the total annual motoring and plant 4 native Irish trees in one of our Irish forest sites.


Example 2: The average Irish driver drives 17,000 km per year which requires a Quantity of 14 native trees to be planted to offset the emissions.


NEW! You can now choose a subscription for any amount of trees per month (Cancel any time). Just choose the subscription option at checkout for the number of trees you would like planted to offset your motoring carbon emissions.

  • Our commitment to you

    1. Each order will receive a certificate by email
    2. We locally source healthy native Irish trees
    3. Plant # of trees required in most suitable planting sites (protected from livestock and wildlife)
    4. Log planting and give each tree a unique reference
    5. Maintain the trees with support of our landowners
Price Options
One-time purchase
Tree Subscription
Plant same number of trees per month (Cancel anytime)
€4.50every month until canceled
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